Train-the-trainer seminar

Train-the-trainer seminar

On 07-08 December 2021 train-the-trainer seminar for the consultants of the business support organisations as well as the staff of other institutions who have to assist in a business transfer was held within the INBETS+ project. The seminar was conducted online and participated by the reps of project partners, business support organisations, knowledge institutions and universities.

In the introduction to the event the project leader Max Hoegifoster emphasized how important the issue of business transfer is and why it is so important to raise awareness among business on the available business transfer models and how to save an existing company and business instead of creating new ones. Max brought the statistics that in Germany average age of owner looking for successors within the next two years: 67 years. More than 1.5 Million owners of SMEs are 55+. According to a KfW study from 2019, 842,000 owners of medium-sized companies will give up their business by 2025. 61 % of these want to handover the business to a successor. 300,000 even expect to close the business. There are some difficulties in the type of handover. This is because, at around 53%, entrepreneurs prefer succession within the family, while 29% are looking for an external successor and 18% are planning to hand over to an internal employee. In the next five years, 20.7 % of all craft companies look for a successor; it is estimated that only 11,2 % will manage to be transferred to the next generation.

Among the issues raised during the training seminar were: generational business transfer, why is it important and how can coaches and mentors support it; issues that should be considered when planning generational transfer; what kind of support a successor as a novice entrepreneur could need in your country; generational change in company succession as a change management process; challenges in generational business transfer; issues a trainer should consider when training a person planning business transfer and novice entrepreneur.

The organisers presented Moodle online learning platform which is a comprehensive online course on how to evaluate a company financially and what has to be taken into account in the planning and it could be used as for self-training or as a good supporting platform for organizing training for audience. The course is free to use and enable consultants to effectively upgrade their knowledge in supporting SMEs. The link to the platform

All materials and presentations can be found on the learning platform of the train-the-trainer seminar as well as a workbook for trainers

It contains the contents of this education, and after each chapter there is space for trainer's own notes and comments.

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