Centers of support

Centers of support

The Association of CP SMEs of the Kaliningrad region was established in 2010 by the Baltic, Zelenogradsk, Mamono, and Ozersk municipal centers for SME support. Members of the Association are also Gusev, Gvardeysk and Pravdinsk SMEs support centers.

Main functions and objectives of the Association:

  • Standardization of the Centers' activities;
  • Improving the effectiveness of their activities through the exchange of best practices;
  • Creating and strengthening small business infrastructure;
  • Development and implementation of new training programs for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs;
  • Coordination of support Centers;
  • Representative function;
  • Attracting external resources to strengthen and improve the activities of the Centers;
  • Participation in international programs;

At the moment, the Association of support centers actively cooperates with various organizations and departments on business support issues that regulate the activities of SMEs, as well as those whose interests include promoting the development of entrepreneurship in the region. Interaction with departments and divisions of municipal administrations responsible for economic development, business support and development of investment attractiveness has been established.

Municipal business support centers actively interact with employment centers within the framework of the employment promotion program. Business support centers interact with banks, informing entrepreneurs about banking products for SMEs implemented on the territory of the Kaliningrad region.

In cooperation with the Administration of the Kaliningrad city district we hold seminars for the unemployed, wishing to open own business, seminars for young people like "Open your business", develop guidelines and manuals for promising entrepreneurs.

The Association of SME support centers in the Kaliningrad region actively cooperates with professional education institutions and business development institutions at the regional and federal levels. Cooperation Agreements were signed with the St. Petersburg Technopark, the St. Petersburg cluster of clean technologies for the urban environment, and the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Academy of the Baltic sea (Hamburg, Germany), industrial and industrial enterprises, other organizations and institutions.

The statutory activities Of the Association of SME support centers in the Kaliningrad region include organizing business missions for business representatives from other regions of Russia and abroad, on-site trainings and training visits for entrepreneurs to foreign countries, concentions and exhibition events to promote products and services of Russian and foreign manufacturers.