Project 15290 “Assessment of Blue Bioeconomy’s potential in the Kaliningrad Region”

Project 15290 “Assessment of Blue Bioeconomy’s potential in the Kaliningrad Region”

The aim of the project was to assess the opportunities and determine the potential for the development of blue bioeconomics in the Kaliningrad region by sharing knowledge, experience and best practices with partners from the Nordic countries. Special attention in the project was paid to five sectors of the blue Bioeconomy: sustainable coastal aquaculture (mainly fish farming) and aquaponics, as well as mussel farming, cane harvesting and use, algae cultivation and use, and coastal fishing.

The target audience of the project was various stakeholders, including representatives of research and educational institutions, innovation and technology parks, businesses and organizations that support business development (associations for supporting business development, chambers of Commerce and industry). The project idea was born based on the information about the latest achievements in the field of blue Bioeconomy and the results of several international environmental projects for the development of the Bioeconomy implemented by the Nordic countries and the Baltic sea and Kaliningrad interest from local partners in the development of this sector.

To achieve the goal and objectives of the project, a number of activities were carried out: mapping of the blue Bioeconomy sector in the Kaliningrad region, seminars for all interested parties were held, a study visit to the Northern countries was organized, trainings were held, and recommendations were prepared for the development of Bioeconomy.

As a result of the project, the analysis was carried out and the most promising sectors of the blue Bioeconomy were identified from the economic and environmental point of view, and recommendations were developed for their development.

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