Project: 15228 “Energy Efficiency and Cleantech in North-West Russia”

Project: 15228 “Energy Efficiency and Cleantech in North-West Russia”

The project was based on previous energy cooperation in the North-West region of Russia, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project's target group included municipal energy companies, energy efficiency centers, small and medium-sized businesses, business associations, chambers of Commerce, universities and colleges, cluster development support centers, and innovation and technology parks.

The project was aimed at creating and promoting a network of organizations and companies using clean technologies in the North-West of Russia and in the Baltic sea region as a whole through the exchange of knowledge, competencies, innovations and best practices in the field of clean technologies in the following areas of application:

• energy efficiency and energy saving, smart city/smart networks;

• "green" building/ "green" construction (design, materials, technologies),

* renewable energy sources, information technologies for clean technologies, clean production processes in urban and rural environments.

The goals and objectives of the project were achieved through training visits to the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway and Finland), as well as a series of round tables, seminars and trainings in Kaliningrad on the implementation of energy-efficient solutions and clean technologies. Experts and specialists from the Nordic countries shared their experience and best practices with their partners from the Kaliningrad region and other North-Western regions of the Russian Federation (Leningrad region, Saint Petersburg, Murmansk, Karelia and Arkhangelsk), who took part in key events of the project. The project contributed to improving the interaction between businesses and universities in the North-West of Russia, as well as between Northern and Russian universities and companies by establishing new business partnerships in the field of clean technologies. Three business plans were developed, mutually beneficial for all parties of the projects, and financial solutions were prepared for their implementation. The concept Of a regional center for clean technologies in the Kaliningrad region was developed based on the best existing experience in the Northern countries and in the North-West of Russia.

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