«Diginno» BSR (Digital Innovation Network)

«Diginno» BSR (Digital Innovation Network)

The project is aimed at creating a network of cooperation for the implementation of innovative solutions in the field of public-private partnership in order to accelerate the process of entering the single digital market of the Baltic sea region. The project aims to accelerate the implementation of digital solutions in small and medium-sized industrial enterprises, industry associations and the public sector

The project is working on the development of the concept and implementation of cross-border services and it systems, in particular to integrate the services “know your customer” (KYC) and “electronic invoice” (e-CMR) in the most efficient and cost-effective way (prototype implementation, cooperation between government agencies, cooperation between enterprises, the role of the state in the integration process).

1. Simplification of the procedure for exchanging information between interested organizations and banks. Currently, the "know your customer" (KYC) process is stifling the economy, for example, data exchange is slow and fragmented between different organizations and does not exist across borders. The state has most of the data required for identification procedures, but this information is not available to credit institutions, in particular. Billions of euros are spent on procedures, but this result and work is not transmitted and repeated over and over again. Simplification of these procedures will have a positive impact on the development of international cooperation in the field of investment and international trade. Russian enterprises will benefit from having the tools to boost exports.

2.another issue under consideration in the project is the strengthening of interaction through the introduction of electronic services in the field of international logistics. Despite the ongoing implementation of digitization in the transport sector, almost 99% of all cross-border transport operations in the EU are still linked to a paper consignment note (CMR) at some stage of the operation. Accordingly, the project is working on the possibility of implementing e-CMR (electronic consignment note) and developing a working prototype for exchanging e-CMR index data between the Baltic States.

Partners of the Diginno project are participants from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

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